Supergoods – Nothing but good

Anne Hildén and Tonny Van Bavel opened their first store in Belgium, and specifically in Mechelen, halfway between Brussels and Antwerp, back in 2012 when both of them had already had a successful career: Van Bavel had been a teacher, and Hildén had worked for her native Finland at the European parliament. The couple had no experience in retailing, but really wanted to set something new in motion. In their store, which was called “Eco-Design” back then, the focus was mainly on interior design and furniture initially, but when in 2013 the Rana Plaza disaster happened in Bangladesh, the pair switched over to sustainable fashion and rechristened the store “Supergoods”. Since then, two more stores have been established alongside the original one in Mechelen; in 2016, a franchise shop opened in Ghent; and in 2019, a boutique was founded in the very epicenter of Belgian fashion, in Antwerp.

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